Genevieve Beckett has just gone home after her first day of high school. “How was it, Evie?” William asked as he rocked back and forth on a rocking chair and polished his shotgun on their front porch. “Did you join any clubs?” “Yes dad” said Evie, “I joined the Republican Club this afternoon.” YOU JOINED WHAT Bill said as he dropped his shotgun and clutched his Obama shirt to his chest and began chanting “yes we can yes we can” to himself in tears.

william beckett and his daughter are on their way to wallmart when suddenly a bus appears behind them and genevieve screams: dad, look in the rearview and william stares at her and screams SKELETONS LOOK STRONGER WHEN KEPT IN THE REARVIEW before breaking into tears as he loses control over the steering wheel

"dad i’m sorry i spilt the orange juice everywhere" genevieve says to her father.
"…well…i guess we’ve got a…big…big mess on our hands…" william beckett announces, before crumbling to the floor in tears.