Bronx Wentz’ first grade class is having parents day. Bronx is telling his fellow classmates about the fishing trips he and his father went on. “One time, my dad caught me a horseshoe crab!” Bronx exclaims. “And I asked him if throwing it back into the sea would bring our luck back,” Pete whispers, falling to his knees in to a pool of urine


patrick came over to visit pete when bronx walked into the room, with a shy expression. patrick bent over to bronx’s eye level and said, ‘hey remember me?’ to which bronx shook his head and blushed. ‘awh don’t pretend you ever forgot about me’ chuckles Patrick before snapping back up to look at Pete. ‘WOULDNT YOU RATHER BE A WIDOW OR A DIVORCEE’ they scream at each other from across the table causing Bronx to run screaming from the room in fright, sobbing.

bronx comes home from school one day and says ‘dad guess what I made a friend today!’ pete smiles because he knows his son is usually a loner. ‘what’s his name?’ pete asks. ‘Chris!’ bronx says and pete kicks over a chair yelling ‘HEY CHRIS YOU WERE OUR ONLY FRIEND!’ as he punches a wall.


bronx is taking his first driving lesson with his father when another car cuts him off.
“who does he think he is?!” bronx exclaims.
“IF THAT’S THE WORST YOU GOTTA BETTER PUT YA FINGERS BACK TO THE KEYS” pete sobs, violently thrashing around & causing bronx to crash into a tree.


Pete waited in line at disneyland with Bronx who was dancing around his feet impatiently. ‘lalalala! Dad I’m so excited!! I just want to lala!!’ he squeaked excitedly. ‘YOU WANT TO LALA? TO LALA? Fuck this WE’RE GOING HOME’ screamed Pete with tears in his eye as he scooped up Bronx and stormed back to his car.

Pete Wentz wakes up to the sound of his son crying, in the middle of the night. “Bronx what’s wrong?” “I fell outta bed an-” “Butterfly bandage, but don’t worry. You’ll never remember.” Pete whispered before running off to his room to weep into his Clandestine hoodies.


pete wentz is at a conference held by barack obama, pete sighs wondering how much long this will go for. he raises his head as he sees the president stand up, PLEASE STAND FOR YOUR NATIONAL ANTHEM obama says into his microphone. pete feels his face heat up, THIS ISNT OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM he screams before being dragged out by security tears pouring down his face.


pete wentz is out a bar with his friends one night, one of his old friends approaches him hey pete where is your boy tonight? he asks. pete puts his head between his legs and hugs himself  i hope he is a gentlemen he whispers tears soaking the legs of his skinny jeans

pete and bronx are in the park and a ball suddenly falls from a tree into bronx’s arms what a catch says pete as he embraces his son with tears streaming down his face

"bronx you know you shouldn’t be doing that" pete reprimands his son.
"you know what dad, i don’t care what you think" bronx says.
"…as long as it’s about me" pete whispers as a single tear rolls down his cheek.