josh entered his son’s bedroom scratching his head “son where did i put my beanie?” he asked “you went and threw it away-” “I DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!” he sang on the top of his lungs scaring his child away

Josh Franceschi was on the phone to his teenage daughter. “Sorry, I won’t be home in time for dinner, work’s really busy” “Well if I just save you some-” “You could save me too!” Josh cried into the phone.


josh franceschi drives to pick his son up from his mothers after halloween, DAD DAD I WAS A ROCKSTAR AND I GOT HEAPS OF CANDY. josh stares at his son, tears welling in his eyes, THEY’LL GIVE YOU CANDY BUT THEY WON’T BUY YOUR ALBUMS he screams running to his car


Josh tucks his children into bed and they beg Josh to read them a bedtime story. He picks up the first book he finds and starts to read.
“Let me tell you a story about a boy and a girl,” he starts, stopping after the first sentence.
He closes the book and leaves the room, muttering under his breath, “A very different version than you’ve ever heard.”

Josh’s daughter came home after school one day, her best friend trailing behind her

"I’ve said this all before," The friend said in response to his daughter’s new boyfriend, "but opposites attract."

Josh fell to the ground in a sob.

josh’s son came up the stairs from his parents basement. “Dad all these vitamins are hard to swallow.” Josh broke down crying in “his” parents living room


imagine when josh franceschi has a child, son where did you get all this music from? josh franceschi says as he scrolls through his sons ipod. i downloaded it dad, his son whispers. how about you download the food youre going to eat for the next two weeks cause i’m not feeding you josh screams as he remembers painful memories of being unable to eat due to no one buying his albums


i can’t sleep dad, his son whispered to him late at night. josh stared into the dark as his lip began to quiver sinners never sleep he cried 


hey dad guess what ive got a blog now! exclaims josh’s son over dinner one night. mr and mrs fanceschi cast a glance at josh to see his reaction, josh plays with his food to distract himself from painful memories caused to him by teenage bloggers suddenly josh starts screaming TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT JOSH THEY SAID, SHOW ME YOUR PENIS JOSH THEY SAID, I DOWNLOADED YOUR ALBUM JOSH THEY SAID. 


hey dad can i go to the movie with some friends tomorrow? josh’s son asks before bed one night. josh sighs deeply, what time should i pick you up? josh enquire’s while pacing the room. can you meet me at six? his son asks quietly. what did you just say josh screams, tears pouring down his face.