John the 6th jumps on top of his father to wake him up so he can take him to school, “DAD! DAD! WAKE UP!”, he screams. John the 5th groans and tries to sit up. “DAD, WAKE UP IT’S 5 A.M!” John the 5th sits up straight, stares at his son and screams back at him “YOU FELL IN LOVE AGAIN, SOMETHING WRONG WITH LIVING LIFE LIKE THIS” and goes back to lying down, with his pillow on his face, weeping.

One Christmas morning John the 5th was watching John the 6th open christmas presents. His son said ” thank you santa, this is everything i asked for!” John stands up and looks his son in the face and screams “AND SO MUCH MORE” as he kicks over the christmas tree and runs out into the snow

after John Oh’s son pranked his teacher, John Oh was called for a parent teacher conference. The teacher started shouting ‘I HAVE NEVER FELT SO DEGRADED IN MY LIFE!’ John approached her and placed his hand on her shoulder. He whispered ‘We All have been Degraded…’ he suddenly ran out of the room and whimpered in the hallway while shouting ‘WE ALL WILL BE THE GREATEST!

John Ohh was sitting in the living room, beside him was his wife knitting. They were waiting for their daughter. She planned into moving with her boyfriend and they need a formal discussion about the matter. Once his daughter and her boyfriend arrived, his wife offered them some tea. “So honey, where are you moving again?” John asked and took a sip of his tea. “Southern California, dad.” Her daughter excitedly answered. John choked on his tea and cried. “Where the girls would all pass on the boardwalk and laugh…” John muttered to himself . His wife hugged him as he rocked back in forth in his seat.

The doctor came out into the hallway sat down next to a nervous Johno. Johno took a deep breath before speaking How did Eric die, doctor? The doctor placed his hand on Johno’s back and sighed I’m afraid someone put duct tape over his mouth. He suffocated. Johno curled into a ball on the floor and sobbed loudly

john ohh runs to his son’s bedroom and yells “hey stop jumping on your bed” and his son answers “can’t stop, won’t stop!!”. tears streamed down in his face and he whispered “i must be dreaming.” while curling into a ball on the floor

Johno was cooking in the kitchen when he saw his 4 year old daughter playing in the backyard through the window. He smiled as he watched her run towards him with her hands behind her back. daddy daddy! look what i have! johno dropped the eggs in his hands when his daughter revealed what was behind her back. daddy they’re daisys!  can we put them in-Johno grabbed the flowers out of his daughter’s hand and pushed her to the ground, keeping the flowers close to his chest as he ran out the house and down the street screaming and sobbing ALL FOR ALL FOR ALL FOR YOU MY DAISY


John O’Callaghan’s teenage son approaches him and says, “Dad, I have a real problem.”

John sheds a tear, touches his ribs tenderly, and says under his breath, “Some people have real problens.”