Gerard Way had just picked Bandit up from school because she had gotten into a cat fight with Bert McCracken’s daughter. Gerard gave her some ice cream but gently scolded her and told her she had to be punished. Bandit threw the ice cream at Gerard and screamed “I don’t love you!”. He slowly walked out to the hallway, sat down, and started rubbing the ice cream on his face while crying “like I did, yesterday”.


bandit sat nonchalantly at her desk doing math homework when she started humming to herself. ‘nanana~’ she sang quietly causing Gerard to reach across the table and scream, ‘KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE’ before flinging her homework into the fire and shouting ‘NANANANANANANANANANANANA’ while swinging his daughter around the room


“happy 13th birthday, bandit!” gerard & lindsey say to their daughter as she comes downstairs.
“oh honey, she’s a teenager now” lindsey says to gerard.
“TEENAGERS SCARE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME-” gerard begins to scream, jumping up on the kitchen table & stomping on bandit’s birthday cake.

Gerard Way is sitting in his kitchen when he hears his daughter Bandit crying in her room. “Are you okay?” Gerard asks, sitting at her bed. “I’M NOT OKAY!” Gerard sits still and says “I promise…” as a single tear falls down his face