Brendon comes home to find his son is being bullied at school because he’s homosexual. Brendon understands what the boy is going through, just then Brendon’s wife walks in the door and says, “Hey, son, just show them all you’re not the ordinary type”, Brendon’s eyes well up as he screams “LET’S KILL TONIGHT!”

after 5 years of marriage, Brendon is now very cold to Sarah that he always go out to their house. Sarah wud always say, “where will u go again?” and brendon just sobs and replies “i wanna go where everyone goes..” and cries out loud


brendon was putting on a dvd for his daughter when he asked her, ‘do you want to watch Dora the explorer?’. She crossed her arms and pouted, shouting ‘no way dad’. ‘but you love Dora!’ he says, flicking through the movies for something else. ‘well things have changed for me!’ she shouts back causing him to spin around and grab her shoulders tightly while he whispered, ‘and that’s okay’ with a tear in his eye.


Brendon waited impatiently at the door. His daughter was running late for her dance recital and they had to be at the auditorium a half an hour ago. “Honey? Are you almost ready?” He called up the stairs to his daughter. “I’m ready to go!” She said as she ran down the stairs, pass Brendon and out the door. Brendon stood completely still, his eyes widening. “Get me out of my mind.” He said, his voice cracking.

There is a party at Brendon’s house. Everyone is dancing and having a good time. Everyone except Brendon’s daughter. “Hey sweetie, why aren’t you dancing?” “I don’t want to. This music sucks”. Brendon’s face turned bitter as he muttered to her “You’ll dance to anything!”. He then realizes what he said and breaks down. “YOU’LL DANCE TO ANYTHINNNNGG!” He cries. “Okay, okay, I’ll go!” His daughter says, but he cant hear because he runs into his room to avoid everyone seeing his tears


brendon approached what was left of his house to ask the firefighter what happened. ‘this was no accident!’ the firefighter said causing brendon to freeze. ‘IT WAS A THERAPEUTIC CHAIN OF EVENTS’ screamed brendon into his oxygen mask as the ambulance drove him away.

one night brendon’s son plays his music loudly in his bedroom, brendon storms up the stairs and shouts “haven’t you ever heard of closing the god damn door?” tears welling up in his eyes