Alex Gaskarth, his son, and his wife were all happily playing catch in their front yard when Alex’s son accidentally threw the ball into the street. The ball began to roll towards a gutter and his son went after the ball, but Alex’s wife stopped him and said “Let it roll…” As Alex watched the ball roll into the gutter he whispered “Our time is fleeting so we take control…” and he fell on the ground and burst into tears.

"It’s so damn cold" Alex’s daughter complained, putting a jumper on.
"Like 20 below" He whispered.

Alex and his wife were both sitting in the living room when their son entered the room asking “Mom, can we go and watch a movie?”. His wife replied and said “No, kid, not tonight.”. Alex then turned to both of them yelling “YOU’RE NOT THAT COOL AND YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE!” as he fell to the ground curling up into a ball with tears on his eyes.  

Alex Gaskarth, recently divorced, wants to take his daughter to the zoo so he walks to her house and knocks on the door. As she opens, he asks his ex-wife: “Is she ready?” - “She’s up and ready to go”, she answers and his daughter comes out the house, trying to hug him. “… But I don’t care”, Alex whispers with tears in his eyes and runs away from the house while his daughter is standing at the door sobbing.


‘so son, how was the party?’ an older alex asked.

‘well’ his son said ‘everybody was getting kinda crunk…’

with this, alex grabbed his crotch and screamed 

‘I THINK SOME DUDE JUST GRABBED MY JUNK’ and then proceeded to run out the room, leaving a bewildered son alone.

alex was helping his son finish his science project he was about to cut out the last star but he couldnt find the scissors “son have you seen the scissors” he asked “under the paper moon” his eyes welled up he collapsed to the floor and curled himself in a ball “this real life just isnt right lets fabricate” he sang quietly to himself sobbing on his son’s bedroom floor

Alex gets groceries with his son… as they stand in the line, he sees the cashier’s name and screams “Would you take me home?”. Realizing what he’s done, Alex immediately storms out leaving his son. His son, confused, looks up and sees the cashier’s name: “Stella”

Alex and his son just came out from the dentist’s clinic when his son said “Dad, my mouth feels weird”. “It must be the anesthesia, son”, Alex replied. “Is this what it feels like?” his son asked. Alex screamed at him “FINDING OUT THAT I’VE GOT THE GUTS TO SAY ANYTHING!?”, he then ran away with tears streaming down from his face.  

alex entered their house slamming the door in frustration after waiting for his wife at the airport he found his wife and jack watching tv. “why are you still here our flight is in 8 minutes!!!” “how was i supposed to know??” she exclaimed his lips started to quiver as he sang “that you were oh oh over me i think that i should go” “GO!” jack chimed. they broke down together with tears spillin down their cheeks

"i’m getting sick of your bullshit attitude" alex’s wife said to him one day. "well i’m getting sick of how you walk around like you shine brighter." he yelled at her back, immediately smirking, that would make a good song. "STOP QUOTING YOUR OWN LYRICS EVERY TIME WE TALK". alex started to sob realising that he’d already written that song, he was never good at remembering his own lyrics.