Derek Sanders was walking by his daughter’s room and asked her what she was working on. she told him she was writing her college essay. she said “dad, i need to write about someone i look up to.. like my hero-” derek stopped her in mid sentence and said “SHE’S THE LAST REAL DREAMER I KNOW!” he then ran out of the room crying and took off into the night never to be seen again.

Ryan Ross and his son just finished playing baseball. His son was gloating because he won. “As if you could outrun me! As if you could fight me off! I’m designed to kill.” Ryan said before pushing his son down and climbing up a tree.

Sean Smith walked in to his living room to find his teenage daughter on the phone and looking in the mirror, talking about her imperfections. With a sigh, she hung up. Sean took the opportunity to tell his daughter that he thought she was perfect "Dad, I will never be perfect." She replied. Sean stopped dead in his tracks. "What did you say?" "I said, I will never be perfect-" "CAUSE I'LL NEVER BE YOU!" he screamed, before punching her in the face and jumping through the window.
Travis Clark and his wife were on their way home from the hospital with their new-born baby. When they pulled up in front of their house, Travis' wife whispered "Look, sweetie, this is our town!" to the baby. "THIS IS WHERE WE'RE MEANT TO BE!" Travis screamed, throwing his baby out the window, sobbing.
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Jordan Witzigreuter and his wife Kaitlyn were stopped at a red light when someone tapped on his car window. He rolled it down and a man asked, “Could you please tell me how to get to the next town?” Kaitlyn starts to answer, “Oh, just follow the freeway-” “BREAK THE ROUTINE. CAUSE EVERYTHING IS SECOND TO YOUR DREAMS!” Jordan shouts in the man’s face, stepping on the gas pedal and flying through the ongoing traffic, hysterically sobbing.

William Beckett was driving Genevieve home from school one day. "hey, hey now we're almost home" Genevieve says in excitment. I'm missing you to death, but it's all for the best i know" William whispers while a lone tear rolls down his cheek and crashes his car into a fire hydrent. He takes off his top and lies in the fetal position in the puddle of water from the hydrent. "Not again dad!" Genevieve sighs
Can I request a story about Andy Biersack and William Beckett?

Danny Worsnop was dreading going to take his driving test. The past few times, he’s made mistakes and gotten frustrated over it, but the only reason he still persisted was because of the hot instructor. As he got in the car, the instructor said, “Take a seat, my dear. Make yourself comfortable.”
"This could take a while." He whispered to himself, tears streaming down his face as he shifted into gear.

"Son" Bryce Avary said to his son who was on the phone.

"Just hold on." His son said to him.

Tears welled up in Bryce’s eyes. “And here with you under these covers, I’ll stay with you there is no other!” Bryce yelled at the top of his lungs, throwing his son’s phone.