chronicles of band boys as parents

Apr 07


Oli Sykes was sitting at his kitchen table one day, reading the newspaper, when his 3 year old daughter comes running into the room giggling.

“What’s so funny?” He asks her, smiling.

“I’ve got a secret!” She giggles.

“IT’S ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE IT’S ON THE BACK OF MY LUNGS AND I’M GONNA KEEP IT!” He screams, picking her up by her pigtails and swinging her around the room, sobbing madly.

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Nov 30

Alex Gaskarth was sittng in the waiting room of the hospital shaking is leg nervously. His best friend was in a terrible accident and was in intensive care. The doctor came out looking very upset.
“He didn’t make it” the doctor said sadly
Alex began to cry. “You can’t do anything else? He’s really gone?”
“I’m sorry but there was nothing more-” the doctor started to say.
“THAN A CAUSAL FUCK. ISN’T THAT JUST HOW THEY OPERATE?” Alex interupted and took off screaming crying and running down the halls of the hospital.

Jonathan Cook was walking into his living room just as the phone started to ring. His daughter picked up and said “Hey Brittany!” Jonathan mumbled to himself, “…why are you messing with me.” and began to cry on the couch.

kad-j said: Mark sat at the kitchen Reading the newspaper when he's daughter came in " I'm going to come Home late please Tell mom " He started to cry quitly. " that is not her fault " he wispered .

Nov 25

Cristofer Drew’s daughter was taking care of her dad after he broke his arm during one of his ‘outbursts’ she asked him “did it hurt?” “WHEN YOU FELL FROM HEAVEN!!” he screamed, pushing her away and running into the night crying, never to be seen again

girlcottlove said: sierra kusterbeck and her daughter were at the park when a large bird landed on her daughter. "OH MY GOD MOM THERE'S A VULTURE ON MY SHOULDER-" she began to scream but sierra began to weep, and sang out "AND HE'S TELLING ME TO GIVE IN!!!!" she then shoved her daughter and the bird into the lake where they drowned.

Nov 18

Brendon Urie was sitting in a church for a wedding ceremony. As they were going through the mass, Sarah noticed he wasn’t responding correctly to the priest’s prompts. She turned and whispered “Bren, any practiced Catholic would…” “CROSS THEMSELVES UPON ENTERING?!?!” as he ran out of the church crying.

Anonymous said: Patrick Stump was sitting in Starbucks with his daughter having a chai tea in silence staring out of the window. She was on the phone with her boyfriend after they had just had a fight. She said on the phone, "I don't blame you.." Patrick got up screaming "FOR BEING YOU BUT YOU CAN'T BLAME ME FOR HATING IT" and threw his tea in her face before running into the parking lot sobbing.

i probably won’t be posting much on here anymore since the stories have stopped but ill be on my personal so yeah 

Nov 14

Anonymous said: Pete was sick in bed so Bronx called the doctor to check him out. The doctor arrived so Bronx told his father "The doctor's here, should I let him in?" but Pete was already out of bed screaming "DON'T LET THE DOCTOR IN I WANNA BLOW OFF STEAM!!" crying hysterically.